LT-8310,LT-4818 CD Line Transformer

"The sound of CD approaches an analogue sound"


If this line transformer is connected between each equipments, it will become the sound which distortion decreases and the sound has a depth, spread in both sides and a reverberation.

Since distortion is improved and the stimulus sound of a treble-sound region is lost especially, it is thought that treble sound was lost.

It is because you were heard as the treble-sound region was extended more by the distortion. When used for the first time, since the tone quality was improved by these, the sound is not felt the powerful sound so the sound is not satisfied, if you hear the sound for a long time, the sound is a little distortion and natural sound will be noticed. .

If to take off it to a trial, one will notice a noisy sound hearing.

Technical Characteristics

1 inch of USA Super permalloy core use
Impedance 15Kohm : 3.75K ohm (2:1)
Frequency Response : 5kHz-50kHz Less than +/-1dB
Weight : 750g
Dimension : W10.0 x D5.0 x H8.0cm

EI-48-18t Super permalloy core use
Impedance 15Kohm :3.75Kohm(2:1)940ohm (4:1)
Frequency Response : 10kHz-50kHz Less than}1dB
Weight : 1.9kg
Dimension : W13.0 x D7.0 x H11.5cm

In addition, special order large-core line transformer.
It incorporates non-losing winding ratio type ATT,
and is with a five line input selector.
This line transformer can also be used instead of a preamplifier


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