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The product of an audio market was audio equipment that different from the original sound increased.
We offer the audio equipment that brought close to an original sound most. The product was developed considering the sound of a concert as a comparison object.
We think that the development method does not have a parallel in others.
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The magazine that is introducing us

The product of our company was introduced by greatest evaluation in musical birthplace Italy.

Our product was estimated as the art of sound in opera magazine of Italy. " l'opera ".

Our audio accessories were introduced in the audio magazine of Italy " Fedelta ", it must not evaluate in short time easily, since it had the very fine contents.

The audio magazine of Italy " Fedelta " is carried out the audition of our pre-main- amplifier and AC line transformer.
As a result, it was estimated that playing of sound finished.
The sound was a very natural sound.

A journalist of SUONO of the audio magazine in Italy bought the " IT-1 " and " IT-2 " of our product.
The use result was introduced by greatest evaluation.

Audio magazine of Italy " S.T.E.R.E.O " introduced high evaluation our audio system.

A journalist of SUONO of the audio magazine in Italy has been deeply moved using the products of our company.
It was interviewed when I went to Italy.
And the interview became the report

The audio magazine of Italy " Fedelta " was introduced large popularity for the stereo audition meeting of our company in Chieti city.

The fashion magazine of Italy " AMICA " was introduced the greatest value evaluation of our products.


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