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[1]The vacuum tube amplifier of our company is made by all stage transformer connection, fixed bias, and the A1PP system, in order to take out the performance of a vacuum tube. Furthermore, the transformer of super permalloy core which excelled other transformers especially in music reproduction is used for all amplifier.
(TEM-2000, IT-2, are removed)

[2]First of all please purchase an amplifier from the pre amplifier. The main amplifier that was excellent in it takes out the fault of a preamplifier clearly. Use of the outstanding pre amplifier fully demonstrates the performance of a main-amplifier.

[3]The general speaker system is the sound that has the personality by the division vibration of the resonance and vibration element of a box. This excessive vibration is added to the music signal of a basis. Moreover, people have said the sound as the sound of each company. The speaker system of our company removed resonance of a box, and division vibration of an oscillating element infinite. Therefore, since sound except music does not come out, when it is heard for the first time, most of the customers evaluate it as unsatisfying sound. However, the sound approaching the original sound is noticed to a very natural sound in several minutes. Therefore, the excellent speaker system without the personality is sounded with the sound of personality by the vicious audio equipment that is using a front. Beforehand, when you purchase the speaker system of our company please consult or please examine it sufficiently.

[4]The more it uses the audio accessories of our company, the more a tone quality improvement is carried out. Unlike other products, it does not become the sound that used too much and has personality. Please use the accessories of the carbon of our company, cables, and transformers for the shortcut to the right sound. The cost performance of these audio accessories is very good. Unlike other accessories, it is improved a natural sound without personality. We are sure of it.

[5]Please be sure (as much as possible) to give an audition to amplifier, a speaker system, and other equipment. Please evaluate value to the sound that is sounding.

[6]Audio equipment should think total balance as important. If apparatus free from vice is connected to the strong equipment of personality, it sometimes becomes a bad sound plentifully. As for it a good part, bad part become clear. And we will catch only a bad portion mentally. Please think total balance as important to take out the performance of equipment enough.

[7]There is the sound that is recorded to 1 sheet of LP record, 1 sheet of CD software. Please have question to the sound is became a sound that differs by each audio system. The audio equipment with personality will add an excessive vibration to the recorded sound electrically and mechanically, and will change sound.


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