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Tone Quality Improvement technique

Without listening to sound you will listen to music

"Tone Quality Improvement technique"

1.Method that judges the sound of a stereo system.

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Are not there misunderstanding or mistake in the method you judged the sound? Let's try to review it again.

The stereo system is a tool for listening to music. Therefore, the foundation which judges sound are returning to the musical starting point first. Please remember the music note written to 5 lines on the score.
Since the sound of La of C major is the frequency of 440Hz, the sound on the two octaves up is not a very high sound, and it is 1760Hz in frequency.
It cannot sing to us as a very high frequency sound. There are not much the sound that we consider high and low frequency sound.
The result as, there is a speaker system with the tweeter's crossover at 5KHz. Please think about the sound in question, if the sound of the tweeter is heard. However, as for the tweeter, please understand that it is necessary to reproduce the atmosphere, tone by a harmonic component.

"The right sound that has a right scale and the tone of a musical instrument (voice), is audibly correct."

An easy method to judge the right sound is enlarging. And the sound is the sound which is not noisy and is not fatiguing. When the sound of two stereo systems is auditioned, the first is noisy and fatiguing which get us get tired, -the system is bad. The reason is high distortion with many odd harmonics and strong stimulation. A good sound is a natural sound in which the transients of the sound and the balance of reverberation are ready. The depth and S/N ratio are good, the sound is of a great delicacy, and at last the music is able to listen to

" Let's listen to music, without hearing sound. "
A musical sound heard in a concert hall is not powerful as we are creating it.

The market of the stereo became big with the advance of a sharp transistor amplifier around 1972. Development of the stereo market was built with blinded by love of gain and the act which precede trade. Consequently, people forgot to listen to original (live) music and then became so that many people have enjoyed sound (effect sound). Furthermore in the street, people without knowing anything about the real sound became in the situation of doing the evaluation of sound.

"Let's listen to music and again, it turns to a starting point. '

When many people listen the sound that has a peak in the treble caused by distortion, they will misunderstand it as good treble sound. The sound of cymbal and a violin can be heard altered. It may be the sound that has a peak. A natural sound approaching a real sound is not unexpected conscious to us, and we are made to feel it nonchalant. Moreover, many people believe that good sound is the one that jumps out from the rear. Therefore, even if the sound of an accompaniment musical instrument orientates many people away from a singer's voice, they do not doubt. Isn't the heard sound of leveled up tweeter? Because, there is no such high frequency sound on a score that it considers. Therefore, if you are listening to the sound of a tweeter, please suspect that level of the tweeter is too high. It is the beginning of an unnatural sound. Such a case is applicable also to the region of bass sound. When people listen to bass sound region that have a peak, many of them misunderstand it as force in the sound of bass drum and furthermore, the bass sound is thought rich along the region of bass sound? And don't many people misunderstand the region of mid sound that is thick and a swelling, as rich music nature? Don't many people regard the sound as a good sound without noticing such an unexpected phenomenon?

" The real abundant sound of music nature, which is not altered freely, and is not peculiar sound, is a natural sound with little distortion." Please choose good software (the live recording of the aria, vocal music and opera is safe) to make an audition.

If the sound is made tonally different by each the audio equipment, sound does not grow into a natural sound with the equipment with which musicality was balanced by force.

Please find the right balance of sound once again by listen to music.

Expression which judges tone quality is, improve from in volume to quality, and it is a method of better. A tone quality expression is not an abstract expression if said that the region of bass and treble sound in a loud sound.

"It is expression which clarifies the scale of the note on a score and the tone of a musical instrument which takes charge of the part sounds correctly."

" First of all, let's return on how to listen to our own sound and the method of judgment for start "

The sound is good only by hearing it, not from talk only or by looking at the audio equipment-- please do not judge it as bad. After actually hearing the sound, it is important to carry out the right judgment.

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