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Tone Quality Improvement technique

Without listening to sound you will listen to music

"Tone Quality Improvement technique"

2.Please do not express judgment of tone quality as a good or bad sound. And please ask for the right sound!

The products of our company are introduced to Italy by greatest evaluation of the audio magazine " Fedelta del suono".
Audio Tekne incorporated
Representative Kiyoaki Imai(

We think that the audiophiles are endeavoring after a tone quality improvement every day. Many people think that exchanging a part of audio equipment, etc.
And sound's changing and having changed, they have obtained satisfaction by changing the sound by these. However, many people cannot judge with confidence for whether it changed to a good sound. And after wavering judgment, isn't a part of the equipment exchanged again in many cases?
Moreover, when audio equipment and accessories are exchanged and you judge that the sound of audio system became bad, be careful.
Mentally, the exchanged audio equipment is an aggressor and many people are convinced it is bad because of this.
However, if there is no vice (a vice is distortion.) in the exchanged equipment, the vice of other equipment and other accessories is conspicuous, and so many people misunderstand that they have exchanged for a bad equipment.
In order to prevent this failure, a tone quality improvement must be done from the source of the sound.
If a tone quality improvement is done at exit, the vice of the equipments that is used on front will be conspicuous and the sound will be judged as became bad.

If I say by extreme expression. I have to say that bad software does not sound as a good sound.

When you judge it as a good sound or a bad sound, you need the object to compare. It is very Important what is the comparative object. Many people judge tone quality on the basis of the information read in the audio magazine or heard from the public talk. This method is not good. Because, the comparative object are abstract and unstable. And a gap arises between the person who heard the expression and the person who evaluated. Please put the original sound (the concert) into the standard for comparison. If you do so, the gap will decrease. Please stop expression called favorite sound of a stereo equipment. A favorite sound is in a composer, player, conductor, orchestra, a musical instrument, etc. To say that the tone quality of audio equipment has the same tendency is idealistic. To say that, the problem is that a record or CD software becomes off a different tone quality by each audio equipment. In short, different tone quality is based on the sound of the player and musical instrument that were a record. Individuality must not be in the sound of audio equipment. A conclusion should express it as the right sound approaching the original sound (concert) without expressing it as a good sound or a bad sound

Then, when an original sound is expressed by language of the person with few chances to go to a concert as reference, it is:

  1. The original sound is not powerful as we thought of.
  2. Even if volume becomes high, other noises can be heard well -noisily.
  3. Sound does not jump out in front. It spreads in right-and-left back, and reverberation is beautiful.
  4. The separation of the musical in the orchestra cannot be heard in the way we thought of.
  5. The difference in sound between a front seat and back seat is seldom felt. Moreover, you do not get fatigued even if you are listening to it for a prolonged period.
  6. We are able to hear even the soft sound well.

--------- An original sound is felt above.

The sound of the stereo equipment in which there is the right sound, expressed with language, it is.

  1. It is not noisy even if it enlarges volume. And conversation is easy.
  2. Sound does not come out in front, but spreads in right-and-left back, and its reverberation is beautiful. And the normal position is not flat and it is orientated to right-and-left back.
  3. There is no existence of a speaker system. And even if we listen near the speaker system and we move away and hear it again, change of tone quality and volume is not impressive. And the sound can be heard as a good sound.

------- A faithful reproduction of the original sound is felt above.

The difference between the sound of opera and a musical is the same as the difference of an original sound and reproduction sound. Although opera sound feels small, words can be hear well.

A musical is a loud sound that used the microphone. However, it is hard to hear words, and tiredness is felt when you come out of the hall. This is an oval loud sound for which the musical used amplification, and because of this the nerves gets tired. If you have a chance to go to a concert, please go to concert as often as possible. First, many people get the impression of lacking punch and feel the petty the sound. Although it is shameful at now, there was an era when I was feeling like that myself too. I regarded it as the sound with a sound of my own stereo equipment sufficient by the highest autosuggestion. And I am having blamed the original sound without understanding the right sound???? I thought the trap and sadness in the world of a hobby. If the language (the omission of sound, separation, force, etc.) currently used for evaluation of sound in a magazine is visualized and heard when you go to a concert, you will notice that there is no sound expressed in such language, not much. By hearing an original sound (concert), it is recognized as a peculiar oval sound and the sound that is not understood as distortion (portion different from an original sound), and it becomes the shortest path for understanding the right sound.

In order to ask for the right sound, when you buy equipment and accessories, first, you have to have doubts of all, to become calm, and try listening to good software without autosuggestion.

For example
  1. The parts currently used for this equipment are made from some parts sorted out from 100 pieces.
    ----- Really! your admire becomes uncanny for audio equipment because of it.
    However, if it judges on the basis of a quality control, you can also suspect the parts sorted out from poor parts. That is, it is important in what sorting for the purpose of what because of what.

  2. Many people confident about a first-class (famous) maker's apparatus, and using it they think the result is obvious. Then, what conditions are fulfilled? Don't you simply regard the first-class maker article as the good one (tone quality, durability) with it being sensuous? It is important what conditions are fulfilled and you have to have a doubt for whether it is first-class.

  3. Since it is expensive, and high quality articles, because of expensiveness it sound good therefore.
    ----- we think so, so it is mental. There is equipment that is thought as an expensive high-class by many people. There is a little production, hand-made, with only expensive parts used (the sound is not necessarily good). As a result, there has no added value of the product. For example, although the ornamented makeup cover attached to the magnet portion of a speaker unit, it is well expensive for appearance, but a makeup cover vibrates and it is not good for sound. Moreover, although there is no value if it attaches into a speaker box, a single article goes up goods value and it is useful to sale with it.

  4. Since the vacuum tube of a high reliance has reliability and good performance, it sounds good consequently. However, what is the meaning of a high reliance? It does not necessarily fulfill the conditions used for audio equipment. It may be bad. By what I experienced, the several vacuum tube of Europe that have gold plated pins, are made from quality parts and severe sorting but had large micro phonic, and so I have not used them.

  5. Since the professional equipment is superior to the equipment for public welfare, its sound is good. Then, it is what is concretely excellent.

  6. ------The operating conditions of professional equipment are interchangeability and the service nature, and the performance are equalizing, even if it works hard. They are not required for us and sufficient conditions said that sound is good.

Although you think that it is variously still more, it is always having a doubt. Moreover, it is important to hear a man's talk obediently on the other hand and to perform it from reason.

Although believing is important, what has been believed ( does not have a doubts at all) is not good. The equipment is for listening to music and let's do not made forget that it is not the equipment with effect sound that enjoys.


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