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Tone Quality Improvement technique

Without listening to sound you will listen to music

"Tone Quality Improvement technique"

4.Improvement by audio accessories.

The products of our company are introduced to Italy by greatest evaluation of the audio magazine " Fedelta del suono".
Audio Tekne incorporated
Representative Kiyoaki Imai(

The accessories handled here make excellent accessories without the vice premise.

(1) Accessories made from carbon material

This is the only material which absorbs mechanical excessive vibrate well, no other can compare. "An epoch-making audio accessory that eliminates auditory Distortion"

We adopted carbon in audio equipment for the first time in the world. We are using it already for 23 years (as of 2000)

This is an audio accessory made of carbon material. This material made of fine spherical carbon particles is superior in diffusing and absorbing vibration waves. Reverberated sound caused by vibration waves is beautiful, being free from distortion, and will not make signals unclear. Superior vibration absorbing capability of this material will not give unnecessary vibration to other parts, making it the best material for audio parts provided with optimum conditions. Even excess use of this product will not spoil musical balance. Or, rather, the more this product used, the closer the reproduced sound approaches natural sound.

  1. Carbon Head Shell
    CH-7 with 180 litz core wire shell lead (weight 18g).
    A cartridge is revived.

  2. This head shell is manufactured of super fine particle carbon used for motor brushes of Shinkansen bullet train by cutting, machining this material, and then, providing special polishing treatment to the surface of it.
    This head shell fully absorbs the vibration received from the needle tip of a cartridge.
    As a result, an unnecessary vibration does not return to the needle tip of a cartridge and the sound of a record is reproduced faithfully.

  3. Carbon Turntable Mat
    CH-10 Turntable Mat (thickness 10m/m) Record player is upgraded several times.

  4. This turntable sheet is manufactured by cutting, machining and surface lapping high-purity carbon block, which is obtained by subjecting the materials (mainly consisting of petroleum coke) by three processes of high pressure treatment, high temperature furnace treatment and calcinations for about three months.
    Since the fine carbon particles in this sheet are spherical, and thus, capable of diffusing and absorbing vibration waves, this sheet is capable of absorbing any vibration between the surfaces of a disk and a turntable smoothly without returning irregular vibration to the disk.
    Therefore, through all the spectrum, music sound recorded in the disk will be reproduced in an ideally natural manner (in terms of transparency, sound source localization and definition).
    Since energy loss is smaller than that of ordinary turntable mat, the reproduced music will be free from vagueness, distortion and dullness, bringing to you 20 to 30% higher auditory power and the feel of larger scale.
    Provision of chamois leather sheet (6,000yen) for better matching between the disk and the carbon mat will be most effective.

    This sheet is not recessed at the area corresponding to the labeled area of the disk. We think this recess is meaningless since JIS Standard of disk allow a dimensional tolerance of 1.5 to 2.3 mm for the thickness at the labeled area.

    A chamois leather sheet helps to solve such problem as well.

  5. Carbon Record Stabilizer
    LTP-11 Carbon record stabilizer (weight 255g)

  6. " Made of material for motor brushes of Shinkansen bullet train"

    This disk stabilizer is manufactured of super fine particle carbon used for motor brushes of Shinkansen bullet train by cutting, machining this material, and then, providing special polishing treatment to surface of it.
    Since the carbon particles in this material are spherical in shape, this stabilizer is capable of diffusing and absorbing the vibration on the surface of a disk and a turntable in a smooth point.
    Therefore, through all audio band-width, nature of the music (atmosphere of the original sound) recorded into the disk will be reproduced with an uncommon beauty (in terms of transparency, sound source localization and distortion).
    While high-pitched sound from a record player with an ordinary disk stabilizer tends to become dull or distorted, a record player provided with this carbon stabilizer will reproduce entire range of sound from low-pitched sound to high-pitched sound.
    Therefore, you can enjoy refreshing, creamy and smooth sound with beautiful reverberations reproduced closer to the original sound.

    A heavy record stabilizer make the sound which had the throat bound tight, and can be heard stuffily.

  7. Carbon De-coupling Absorber

  8. This carbon absorber removes the excessive vibration other than a music signal. The playback sound of the low level signal is improved. There is the person who is bewildered by the effect of the remainder result.

    By all means, please use it for record player, CD deck, amplifier, a speaker system, etc.

    Carbon De-coupler A size unit is a millimeter.

    100 X 100 X 100
    100 X 100 X 50
    100 X 100 X 20
    100 X 50 X 20
    50 X 50 X 20
    50 X 50 X 50

    Carbon Plate A size unit is a millimeter

    450 X 350 X 35
    500 X 400 X 35

    Besides, I take order for custom size.

(2)Accessories made by the pure copper litz wire

A pure copper litz wire with the sound becomes without a vice. In the merely thick pure copper wire made, it does not become with such sound.
The electric high frequency signal is passing through on the surface (the outer skin effect) of an electric conductor. Therefore, the litz wire of the structure with much insulated surface area that is gathered, fine copper wire is needed. respectively
However, sound will become bad if a litz wire applies covering for an ornament. The cause is the electromagnetic field that the signal current is able to through to an electric conductor. The electromagnetic field that makes the electrification gives distortion to the next signal.
Then, a lead and a cable are must use as less in insulation as much as possible. Furthermore, the it is required that the structure of an electric conductor, through which electric signal flows has a small inductance, and that the structure of send and return is the same.
The cables made by our company satisfy all this condition. When this cable is used it becomes the natural sound without a vice and this cable is understood to be the cable that does not have a parallel in others.

Litz wire shell lead
LTP-190 90 cores, LTP-1180 180 cores shell lead wire

This shell lead wire is made the pure copper wire of a fine polyurethane clothing of 0.08, with the litz wire that twist 90 cores (180 cores). If a litz wire is used, alternating resistance is made small as much as possible, and with a low high frequency transfer loss, and the shell lead cancels the influence of electrification.
An improvement of a treble-sound region is reflected in an improvement of a bass- sound region.
If, as a treble-sound region is distorted, the balance of sound will become treble-sound slippage. And the sound of a bass-sound region can be heard clearly by a treble-sound region distortion decrease.
As a result, you have an illusion that bass-sound is improved.

In short, distortion is the basis that breaks down all balance.

All Litz Balance Type Wire Code

ARA-500-1.0M(1.5M) Tone-Arm Output Signal cable
ARC-500-0.7M(1.0M,1.2M,1.2M,2.0M) RCA PIN - PIN Signal Cable
ARC-500-OO.OOM XLR (3P) Signal Cable
ARSP-500-OO.OOM Speaker Cable

+0.14 /25 core red polyurethane clothing x 10 pairs
-0.14 /25 core green polyurethane clothing x 10 pairs total of 500 cores
The braided shield armature is the structure with 5/0.14 x 16 red (green) a polyurethane covered wire.

The cable connected between each audio equipment has many peculiar properties, and sound will be made from the combination of the individuality.
As a result is not right sound, our instinct rejects the sound.

The conventional signal cable is a coaxial cable type. If the way through which plus and minus of a signal pass differ, the type of code tends to be influenced from the exterior.
Especially, the cable which uses a braided shield armature as the minus side of the signal, the middle is distorted for a vice. This is conceivable as distortion that results when the signal passes the complicated path called the braided shield.

Condition of a good cable

  1. Plus and minus shall be the same structure.
  2. Lessen use of an insulator as much as possible, and lower electrification of the insulator.
  3. If plus and minus are twisted densely they decrease the transfer loss of a treble-sound region.
  4. The structure which gave the shield must not be influenced by an outside induction. (Signal current do not pass through a shield part.)

The cables of our company are filling all of the four above-mentioned conditions.

Music can be heard slow, we will feel it as the record player spining became slow, if the tone-arm output cable of our company is used.
The signal cable and a speaker cable can also obtain the same result as a tone-arm cable. And we are sure that many people will be surprised at the natural sound.

Like the above-mentioned, if a speaker cable is first exchanged, the vice of the pre audio equipment will be clear and you will mistake that sound became bad. Therefore, be careful enough with judgment of the sound.

When long length speaker cable used, it is influenced of outside induction, even if impedance is low. Since the measures are taken, the speaker cable cord of our company also improves S / N ratio.
Please ground the metal frame of a speaker unit by utilizing the shield part of the speaker cable.
The frame of a general speaker system is not connected anywhere. Therefore, between an amplifier and a speaker frame, potential difference arises about 1V at commercial frequency.
The voice coil of a speaker does not become quiet at the time of a silence, by the influence of the electromagnetic field that is made with this voltage.
The speaker cable of our company can take a frame to the grand earth. As a result, there is no potential difference between a speaker system and amplifier, and become quiet at the time of a silence.
By reference! If the minus terminal and frame of a speaker are connected, it is effective enough.

(3)Electrification removal electric conduction paint

When a signal current flows through a wire, electromagnetic field around this wire changes, generating random electrostatic charges on the surface and in pinholes of insulating material (ex. pvc).
Some of the residual electric charges will return to the next new signals, distorting these signals and making the resulting sound unclear.
This phenomenon is called random charge distortion.

Principle of sound quality improvement.

When conductive lacquer containing carbon particles of super black (420?) is applied on pvc insulator, lacquer will permeate into the pvc layer as far as several microns deep and remove electrical charge, thereby, preventing sound quality deterioration caused by pvc insulation.
Also, when this product is applied on the body (insulator) of a capacitor," za, zi, zu, ze, zo" sounds will be turned into " sa, shi, su, se, so" in 10sec, improving transparency of sound quality as is the case of single insulated wire.
The third harmonic distortion at the minute level of -150dB will drop to 1/2 or even 1/3.

Areas to be applied.

  1. Shell lead wire of cartridge.
  2. Pvc surface of wiring and the like inside amplifier and speaker system.
  3. It will be quite effective when this product is applied on the body of Mylar, ceramic or mica capacitors and the like used in amplifiers and speaker dividing networks.

How to use this product.

  1. Shake the container well, and apply this product on the surface of the insulator with a toothpick or a brush.
  2. This product will dry in a couple of minutes. Keep off the coated area while it is wet.


  1. Since this product is conductive, do not use it at places where short-circuit may occur such as AC100V line and B+ power source circuit.
  2. Leave at least 5mm at both ends of pvc insulated wire uncoated to avoid short-circuit with other conductors.
  3. Since this product is highly volatile, tighten the lid of its container securely after use.

Coat the pvc wire with this product leaving 5mm at both ends uncoated area where short-circuit will not occur.

(4)Line transformer

ALT-8905 AC line transformer

S/N ratio and distortion are improved, as I think that the imagination is exceeded by far, when ALT-8905 model AC line separation transformer is used for AC line input. And a stereo system becomes a natural sound.

We recommend to use ALT-8905 especially to the person troubled by a present quite noisy sound.

LT-8310 CD line transformer (matching line transformer)

Please connect the CD line transformer (matching line transformer) between equipment and equipment. (A CD deck and pre amplifier, tuners and pre amplifier, pre amplifiers and main amplifier etc.) S/N ratio of a stereo system, and distortion are improved, and a stereo system becomes a natural sound. Especially, in transistor amplifier, it is self-confident as that a greatest effect is acquired.

In addition to LT-8310, there are non-losing winding type ATT and five inputs and a special order model. These are LT-9701 and LT-9501.

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