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Tone Quality Improvement technique

Without listening to sound you will listen to music

"Tone Quality Improvement technique"

3.Diagnosis of a stereo system.

The products of our company are introduced to Italy by greatest evaluation of the audio magazine " Fedelta del suono".
Audio Tekne incorporated
Representative Kiyoaki Imai(

Naturally everyone believes that his stereo equipment is perfect. Even if he asks a friend to evaluate of his stereo system, the truth is not said probably.

Even if the example, a friend evaluate it, it may be the praise language without an impediment or a selfish irresponsible opinion.

Occasionally, the fault finding of the stereo system is found yourself! When I listen to the sound with the feeling, I will notice incredulity and unnatural sound.
Once, I had the following experiences. A speaker cable that had no individuality, nor a habit, few transfer losses and natural sound, almost all men estimated it as the speaker cable with a bad sound.

It is because, the vice of audio equipment (amplifier, speakers, CD deck, record player, etc.) were obediently taken out from the excellent speaker cable test.

In short, when the equipment without a vice is used on output, all the vice of front equipment is appeared from it. In conclusion from over, to improve the right sound, is from the equipment at the beginning of the chain.

Even if the speaker system sounded good with vice equipment, by changing apparatus, it may become the sound with former vice for a while. Therefore, in order to judge tone quality, please spend enough time.


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