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Tone Quality Improvement technique

Without listening to sound you will listen to music

"Tone Quality Improvement technique"

7.The way of confirmation of the result.

The products of our company are introduced to Italy by greatest evaluation of the audio magazine " Fedelta del suono".
Audio Tekne incorporated
Representative Kiyoaki Imai(imai@audiotekne.com)

It is returning when doubt has been held in the result that performed the tone quality improvement described until now.
There is the method that is able to confirm easily. It carries out the tone quality improvement only of the left channel. And please compare the right channel to the left channel.

When our company audio accessories as of carbon decoupling absorber, cords and transformers are used, the effect is doubted as the effect is too big. Then, please use it several days as it is. Then, it will become a noisy sound if it returns to the original state. And it can judge easily which is the right sound.

When the audition experiment was before conducted by cooperation of several persons, the direction of about 90% had a report as having become good. However, there was the person with the following result.

Sound does not change.
Sound became bad.

The cause was investigated. The software for the mentioned audition was bad. The equipment of powerful individuality and accessories were used.
Even if it became good, the bad place has got conspicuous and was impossible to judge the good result correctly.

Since a man's sensitivity (the five senses) is accustomed by old environment.
Please do not hurry judgment of a result.

Without knowing the right sound, speaking about the good sound and the bad sound is an irresponsible act.

Please go to a concert and master the right sound.


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