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Tone Quality Improvement technique

Without listening to sound you will listen to music

"Tone Quality Improvement technique"

5.Amending your stereo system to improve it.

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Amending the device you are using, improves the tone quality.

(1) Area of record player

  1. The attachment screw of parts are retightened.
    Attachment stand of tone-arm, Screw of each part of a motor board.

  2. Cleaning of the point of contact of a connection part, an application of a point-of-contact is restored. Head shell terminal, Tone arm output terminal connect part

(2) Area of amplifier

  1. As for amplifier, sound becomes bad by vibration of a speaker. Therefore, amplifier needs to detach from a speaker system as much as possible.

  2. Vibration from a speaker can be prevented if a carbon de-coupler is used for the amplifier. As a result, a bass sound region improves and become clear sound.

  3. A film capacitor 1-2.2micro or more is connected in parallel to the electrolyte capacitor currently used in amplifier. And so the power supply impedance of a treble sound region lowers, and distortion decreases.

(3) Area of speaker system

  1. Please ground the frame of grand a speaker unit, and the metal part of the crossover network. S/N and a calm feeling are improved.

  2. Please use a film capacitor for the capacitor of a network as much as possible. A film capacitor does not change tone quality much. An oil capacitor changes tone quality. Therefore, it is not good in tone quality.

  3. When the coil of a network does not have core, interference of a coil and a coil is remarkable. Please fully detach between a coil and a coil. (If it is possible 50cm or more)
    The coil that uses core must use a non-magnetic clasp implement. Moreover, please check core uniting and include a gap into the part.
    If a gap is not made, the inductance of a coil will change with frequency. And the response of a crossover becomes unstable. Even if it has a gap, there is no meaning of a gap if it is stopped in the iron (magnetic) band.
    The coil made from flat copper wire or foil has large stray capacity and so it produces surges in impedance. The balance of sound collapses by the peak and dip that sinuosity make.
    Sound becomes bad in response to the influence of vibration from the exterior, to a network. Like amplifier, please separate it from the speaker system or cope with it by the carbon de-coupler.

  4. Please use the carbon de-coupler with the sufficient vibration absorption nature for a stand of a speaker system. A tone quality improvement is surprising. And, we will understands that we were listening to the sound except music until now.
    It is because the sound of the vibration except the music to which vibration of a speaker box resonated on the floor, the wall, etc. is heard.
    If a carbon de-coupler absorber is used, a howling margin will also be improved greatly, the musical scale becomes clear and the tone of a musical instrument becomes right. Tone quality improvement becomes to the extent that imagination is impossible.

In a multi-way speaker system, you have to combine the image of sound position of each speaker unit.
If you do not combine the image of sound position each speaker unit, sound is heard in pieces.
Furthermore, sound pressure of each unit is not able to combine the right level. If the image of sound position is combined, each unit becomes one sound source, and the presence of the speaker system will disappear and it will become a natural sound.

Please ask the method of the detailed adjustment.

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