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Tone Quality Improvement technique

Without listening to sound you will listen to music

"Tone Quality Improvement technique"

6.Other methods of improvement.

The products of our company are introduced to Italy by greatest evaluation of the audio magazine " Fedelta del suono".
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  1. A transformer, speaker system etc that applied magnetism is receiving the influence of the terrestrial magnetism. Please combine the magnetism direction of the devices in the
    direction of the terrestrial magnetism as long as it is possible.
    In the case of the transformer with unknown magnetic direction, please move it slowly, and look for S / N ratio, and distortion decrease.
    A speaker unit, a network coil, MC transformer, CD line transformer, a power supply transformer, all have an optimal orientation out which an effect surely comes.

  2. Please shield a coaxial cable type signal code further (only the exit of a signal connect the earth). The signal in which current into earth is shielded from external induction, S / N ratio is improved, and distortion decreases.

  3. If a matching transformer (32ohm: 4, 8ohm) is connected between a transistor amplifier and speaker system, the tone quality can be improved.
    The matching transformer is the big core volume and winding with enough inductance is able to cope with the low frequency of 10 Hz.
    The transformer that does not satisfy this condition will do a lot for the sound to become bad.

  4. Usually, transistor amplifier measured characteristics are improved (frequency response, distortion) with a lot of NFB.
    However, the amplifier that improved the characteristics with NFB becomes of a strong unnatural sound personality.
    The vacuum tube amplifier characteristics are also improved NFB. Moreover, the vacuum tube amplifier characteristics can also be improved by connecting a resister in parallel with a transformer and thus rectify impedance compulsorily. Such amplifier becomes of the same sound as transistor amplifier.

    The condition for the good amplifier is to not use NFB. Furthermore, when a natural sound is demanded, it is to choose the vacuum tube amplifier of transformer connection circuit, not C-R connection circuit or SRPP circuit.

    Attention). As for a good vacuum tube amplifier the transformer and push-pull circuit are life.

  5. How to demagnetize an amplifier.

    Each part of the amplifier is magnetized little by little while we are using it. First, please remove connections of a speaker system.
    Please put the volume of the amplifier onto minimum and connect a pink noise or a white noise (noise between broadcasting stations of FM tuner) into a phono terminal. And please raise volume slowly and lower it slowly.
    The sound becomes of a low distortion.

    Please take great care about breakage with transistor amplifier.

    The effect is big in the vacuum tube amplifier, especially have a great effect in a single ended type amplifier. It is good to take magnetism out every one to three months.


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